About Academic Advising

Resources for HCHC Students

Hellenic College Holy Cross places a high value on Academic Advising and recognizes that it has a significant impact on each student’s overall college experience. Academic Advising is an integral part of our mission to contribute to the intellectual, social, and spiritual development of our students. HCHC encourages each student to participate fully in the Academic Advising process.

Academic Advising at HCHC is a shared responsibility between student and advisor. Academic Advisors work in collaborative ways to help students:

  • explore learning opportunities within our classrooms and our community.
  • plan their academic programs.
  • monitor their progress toward completion of all degree requirements.
  • reflect upon their academic decisions and goals.
  • consider possible career paths.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact your Academic Advisor (click on the button above to open a list of advisors) or the HCHC Registrar, Mr. Jay Ostrosky.